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The information on this page will give you an idea about how each manufacturer is handling factory orders for 2024MY vehicles. Most of the manufacturers will be using an allocation of all or specific models for the model year.




Stellantis does not have an allocation program. Fleet orders can be placed until an announced order cut-off.


Stellantis have announced an Empowerment Program for U.S. fleet sales. This Program is intended to support sales of FCA US vehicles to targeted Eligible Customers. These special all-inclusive incentives are written as an FCA US VIP, and are to be passed directly to the customer, in the form of additional price reduction.


FMC/Dealer will supply the applicable Eligible Customer FCA US Fleet Account Number (FAN) to its respective Commercial Area Manager (CAM), prior to placing vehicle order, or vehicle purchase from dealership inventory. If a prospective end use customer does not have a FAN or VIP, FMC/Dealer will have a FAN created for the end use customer via the FCA Fleet Website ( FMC/Dealer will contact the respective CAM to ensure that a VIP is written for the Eligible Customer.


Empowerment amounts by model are published at our website.



Ford will be using quarterly allocation for order scheduling for select models in the 2024MY.

The select models are highlighted with a * on the 2024 MY Start-Up and Final Order Dates page.



If the customers quarterly allocation is not scheduled in the quarter, the additional orders must be added to the next quarter. For example, the customer has a quarterly allocation of 25. Only 20 are scheduled for a specific quarter. The additional 5 must be added to the 25 for the next quarter.



56M FIN customers will be given a FIN allocation cap (limit) each quarter by vehicle line.

56M FIN allocation cap will be communicated each quarter via the Fleet Dealer News Bulletin (FDNB)

New orders must be submitted each quarter within the published cap guidelines and must go thru the Ford Pro Order Verification Process.

All orders (regardless of initial submission or resubmission) need to go thru the Ford Pro Order Verification Process.

Orders submitted within the published FIN allocation cap that do not get scheduled, within the quarter they were submitted, will not be rolled over and will not be price protected.

Orders scheduled but not produced will be rolled over and will be price protected based on the price level in effect at time of order receipt date.

Orders should be submitted within the FIN allocation cap volume as communication in the FDNB for the quarter.

If order volume is more than FIN allocation cap, no orders will be scheduled until excessive orders are removed from the unscheduled order bank.

Orders submitted more than FIN allocation cap:

Will not be considered for scheduling and receive a Material Hold-Quarterly Order Bank Closed message.

Will not be rolled over or price protected and will be excised from the order bank if orders remain at the end of the quarter.

Orders not scheduled, that are within the published FIN allocation cap, will not be rolled over and will not be price protected.

New orders must be submitted for unscheduled customer allocation that were excised in previous quarter. These orders will be considered for scheduling prioritization in the new quarter.



Fleet Ordering for all 2024MY Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac models with fleet order types (FNR, FBC, FLS & FRC), will be on an allocation process. This process will remain in effect for the entirety of the 2024 model year.



Awaiting a decision from Hyundai regarding fleet allocation for the 2024MY.


KIA - 2024MY



MAZDA - 2024 MY




Fleet Management Companies/Dealers should work with their geographically appropriate Nissan CSM for approvals and incentive requests.


MY24 Program overview:

Nissan will offer volume-based incentive tiers for MY24 (Tiers 1-4, Franchise, and Government)

Tier 1 (1-15 units), Tier 2 (16-49 units), Tier 3 / Franchise (50-149 units), Tier 4 / Government (150+ units)

Tier 1 Customers:

o    Factory orders only (1 to 15 purchases)

o    Require pre-approval from your regional Nissan Commercial Sales Manager

o    No contract required

o    Incentives do not apply to dealer out of stock purchases

o    Out of stock incentives will be quoted by selling dealer

Tier 2 and higher customers:

o    Require pre-approval from your regional Nissan Commercial Sales Manager

o    Regional CSM will provide your MY24 quote and grant permission to order

o    MY24 Fleet Agreement will be drafted once the orders are received by Nissan Fleet Distribution

o    Contracted incentive amount will apply to properly coded dealer out of stock sales (Fleetail Type D / RDR /)




Fleet ordering for 2024MY Subaru vehicles will continue to be allocation only.

Subaru will not be issuing new Fleet Identification Numbers (FIN) for the 2024MY.



Due to record high demand, Toyota will continue to prioritize production to existing business partners based on historical order history. Please reach out to your Field Fleet Manager in your area for additional information.

Fleet Field Managers

Manager Name

Office Phone

Cell Phone

States Served

Robert Larson

(469) 292-2414

(630) 248-5643

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington ,Wyoming

John O'Donoghue

(954) 429-2212

(678) 982-1257

Alabama, Florida

Michael Sanders

(469) 292-1833

(630) 248-6921

Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Paula Knox

(832) 499-0893

(832) 499-0893

Arkansas, North Texas, Oklahoma

Ryan Martin

(954) 803-1924

(954) 803-1924

Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Scott Kalina

(630) 907-6418

(630) 805-3548

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Scott Witt

(713) 580-3373

(713) 417-2904

Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas

Sharon Trapp

(310) 953-6815

(310) 953-6815

Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia

Egor Agafonov

(816) 746-2138

(816) 308-0003

Connecticut, New Jersey, New York

Toyota began issuing new Fleet IDs on 3/6/23 with the understanding that this does not guarantee the availability of 2023MY or 2023MY production for the new Fleet ID recipient.


VW - 2024MY

VW has availability of vehicles for many of their vehicle lines. All orders must be approved by Cesni Ennis (Regional Fleet Manager - West) or Michele Birriel (Regional Fleet Manager - East) prior to order placement.




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